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Upcoming Performances

Sept. 29
Two memorial services and a wedding.
Sept. 30, 2:00PM Cindy will be playing guitar in the Lyric Opera production of West Side Story (  
Oct. 1, 5-6:00PM Solo guitar in the dining room of Santa Marta Retirement Community
Oct. 6, 5:30PM Wedding
Oct. 18-19, 7:30PM
Oct. 21, 2:00PM
Sheiks, Neckers & Jellybeans at The Culture House (at Oak Park Mall)
see the flyer below
Oct. 23, 7:00PM St. James Academy choir concert
Oct. 25, 5-6:30PM KU School of Nursing 
Nov. 1-18
• Wednesdays, 7:00PM
• Thursdays, 7:00PM
(select 1:00PM Matinees)
• Fridays, 8:00PM
• Saturdays, 8:00PM
(select 2:00PM Matinees)
• Sundays, 2, 8:00PM

Show Boat at the MTH Theater at Crown Center
see the flyer below 

Photos from past performances


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